Awesome Vertical Gardens!

Vertical Gardens are making quite a stir in the construction industry. Where space or resources do not allow traditional gardens, vertical gardens allow the user to create a beautiful and functional garden in a surprising and unusual way!

Let's take a look at some ways that vertical gardens are being used:

1. As a cover for a building:  Builders are increasingly using 'living walls' or vertical gardens to create more efficient heating and cooling systems for their buildings. The plant material cover lowers the temperature and heating/cooling costs of a building, while also increasing humidity. Further, these walls are friendly to the environment. The plants growing on this building are irrigated by a hydroponic system that recirculates the building's own grey water to irrigate the plant material.

photo credit:   shumpei_sano_exp9   via   photopin  cc

photo credit: shumpei_sano_exp9 via photopincc

2. As an alternative to a fence:  Many people are looking for alternatives to the traditional wood or metal fence. This steel cable fence allows vines to create the interior of the fence panel. As the vine grows it will follow the cable and fill in the interior of the fence. This method will create a much more beautiful barrier than a traditional fence.

You can read more on this type of vertical garden on my former post:

3. Where there isn't room for a garden:Many urban gardeners are forced to create their gardens in whatever space that they have. Whether it be growing your cucumbers on a trellis along the wall of a building or using the high-tech system below, gardens are popping up in the most unusual places. The method below is known as a 'Garden Tower' I have published their link below.  Here are some resources for these types of gardens:

4. As artwork: Vertical gardens are also making a splash into the art world. These beautiful creations all incorporate the elements of design: Balance, Shape, Texture, Color. The medium in this case is the plant material itself. There are several manufacturers who create kits for developing this type of artwork on your own, or you can create your own DIY kit. Here is some additional information:

DIY Succulent Garden Kit:
Living Wall Kit:

photo credit: ISKME via photopin cc