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MULENBERGIA Capillaris- Pink Muhly Grass

Muhly Grass with its pink plumes in fall

Muhly Grass with its pink plumes in fall

Habit/Description:  Muhly Grass is native to Florida's coastal uplands. This tropical native has found a home in many southern landscapes. This perennial is easy to grow and has a dazzling pink fall display when its 3' plumes emerge.

Size at Maturity: Clump will reach a mature size of 24" x 24". Plumes will reach 36" ht

Flower:  Pink plumes in fall.

Special Interest:  This beautiful grass is mounding green from spring to summer and displays beautiful, water-color-like pink blooms in fall. Leaves turn a lovely tan in winter. Gives the illusion of water in the landscape with the grassy, mounding texture. Good for containers, erosion control, mass plantings, poolside, rock gardens, urban and wildlife gardens.

Care Information: Like most grasses, Pink Muhly needs full sun for best performance but can tolerate part sun. New plants will need to be watered regularly until established. After establishment, they are very drought tolerant. Plants can be cut back to the ground in late winter. Fertilize as they begin to emerge in the spring. A lovely white flowering variety is also available.