evergreen shrub

Camellia X 'Winter's Star'/ Winter Star Camellia

Camelia X 'Winter's Star' in full bloom.

Camelia X 'Winter's Star' in full bloom.

Habit/Description:  This cold hardy Camellia is a beauty for the winter landscape. The evergreen foliage is a dark, glossy green. Habit is upright and open.

Size at Maturity: 10' tall and about 6-8' wide.

Flower:  Single pink blooms surround a bright yellow center and last 4-6 weeks in fall.

Special Interest:  Besides the beautiful, butterfly attracting pink flowers in the fall, the large dark green leaves stay vibrant year-round. Best when used in a hedge, mass planting, privacy screen, border, cutting garden, containers, specimen and woodland gardens.

Care Information: Easy to grow, however, needs regular watering, especially during the first season. Requires full shade to partial sun. Will burn in full sun. Does not require dead-heading due to its natural, self-cleaning habit. Prune after flowering to shape. Mulch heavily and when necessary, provide acid fertilizer when the shrub is finished flowering in the fall.

Variegated Winter Daphne/Daphne odora 'Marginata'

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The winter daphne has yellow-margined leaves and blush-pink flower buds that open to fragrant white flowers bloom in winter into early spring. The mounding 'Marginata' cultivar is beautiful in the winter landscape.  Daphne odora is evergreen and shade loving.  Native to China and Japan.

Size at maturity:

3-4' Tall and Wide.


Fragrant pinkish white flower in early spring.

Special Interest:

This beautiful little evergreen shrub is perfect for a mixed border, shady foundation, hedge, and variegated color in the landscape. The highly fragrant flowers are pleasing to have at entrances. They are also deer resistant, easy to care for and drought tolerant.

Care Information:  

Daphnes need to grow in fertile, humus-rich, slightly acidic soil. They prefer full sun or partial shade. Choose a spot with good drainage but not completely dry. Avoid transplanting and pruning. Does well under trees.