Fall blooming Camellia

Camellia X 'Winter's Star'/ Winter Star Camellia

Camelia X 'Winter's Star' in full bloom.

Camelia X 'Winter's Star' in full bloom.

Habit/Description:  This cold hardy Camellia is a beauty for the winter landscape. The evergreen foliage is a dark, glossy green. Habit is upright and open.

Size at Maturity: 10' tall and about 6-8' wide.

Flower:  Single pink blooms surround a bright yellow center and last 4-6 weeks in fall.

Special Interest:  Besides the beautiful, butterfly attracting pink flowers in the fall, the large dark green leaves stay vibrant year-round. Best when used in a hedge, mass planting, privacy screen, border, cutting garden, containers, specimen and woodland gardens.

Care Information: Easy to grow, however, needs regular watering, especially during the first season. Requires full shade to partial sun. Will burn in full sun. Does not require dead-heading due to its natural, self-cleaning habit. Prune after flowering to shape. Mulch heavily and when necessary, provide acid fertilizer when the shrub is finished flowering in the fall.