What is a Green Fence?

As a landscape architect, am constantly trying to create new and inventive solutions to problems for my customers. One that recurs frequently is the need to screen, or create a barrier, to an adjacent property. Sometimes it is to screen an objectionable view, or to create separation to a property border. Many of my customers do not want to use a traditional fence for this purpose, so I have designed several 'Green Fences' to tackle this issue.

In my definition, a 'Green Fence' is a structure used as a barrier that is to be constructed of vertical structural elements, with plant material to serve as the main panel of the fence. This can be done in several ways. In the green fence I designed below, the fence posts and frame were constructed of pressure treated lumber. Then, stainless steel cord was strung in the interior in a pattern. Last, we planted Carolina Jessamine to be trained to follow the steel cording to create the interior of the fence. This example is 3' tall, but this method could be employed to create a taller partition. This creates a partition which is much more beautiful and softer than using a traditional solid wood fence. The steel cording can be strung to achieve a pattern to guide the plant material in a specific way. In my example, I chose a diamond pattern to guide the vine as it grew.

About the Author:

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