Why hiring a Landscape Architect Will Save you Time and Money!

It's the time of year that homeowners everywhere are outside beautifying their yards. Planning properly for those times will allow you to save time and money later and enjoy the fruits of your labor more! Hiring a Landscape Architect is a cost effective and efficient way to plan ahead! Let's look at the reasons why:

How To Save Time and Money Hiring a Landscape Architect

1. Landscape Architects save you time: Did you buy an older home (or a newer one for that matter?) Do 20-year old Boxwoods hide the front of your home? A Landscape Architect would select only the shrubbery and trees in the mature size needed for the scale and location of your home.
Plant spacing is another area where novices do themselves an injustice. Plants need to be spaced properly so they can grow to their full beauty and potential and thrive. That way you don't have to spend every weekend pruning or moving plants to allow proper growth!

2. Landscape Architects save you money: How many times have you visited a garden center, only to come home with a beautiful new "flower of the month" that dies within two weeks? Had you known that your desired beauty should not be planted in hot, glaring sun, it might have survived! A landscape plan would have helped you avoid that situation and allow you to purchase and enjoy only the plants that will do well in your specific area and zone.
Furthermore, Sun, soil and water conditions are all also taken into consideration in a well thought out landscape plan. That way, the right plant is in the right place. Saving you money when something is planned correctly the first time.

3. Landscape Architects create inviting and useful outdoor spaces: Our extensive training teaches L.A's the total creation of outdoor spaces. We learn how they function, how they are used by people and how they can be properly created in the right size, scale and with the right materials. So you want to incorporate a pool, hot tub, fire pit, outdoor patio, sidewalk, bocce court, outdoor tennis court and also an espalier fruit tree display? A Landscape Architect is trained to design them all!
Planning on renovating a home or building a new one? Bringing a Landscape Architect onboard in the early phases allows them to create a master plan of your property. That way- your sidewalks, driveways, outdoor rooms, etc can be properly planned for functionality and economy.

4. Landscape Architects create beauty: Let's face it- every L.A. is really just an artist at heart. We use the medium of the land and natural elements as our canvas. Don't you want your property to reflect a true artist's touch?
Curb appeal: You and your home want it, especially if your home is on the market! Hiring a Landscape Architect to evaluate curb appeal of your home is a great first step to a quicker sale.

Landscape Architects are design professionals whose goals are to beautify your home and create functional outdoor spaces. Hire one before your next outdoor project, you'll be glad you did!

About the Author:

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